Lane7 Birmingham Bowling, Retro Arcades and Karaoke #Review

Lane7 Birmingham Bowling, Retro Arcades and Karaoke Review: August 2019

Located in the prestigious and iconic Cube complex, Lane7 Birmingham is the place to go to Bowl, Game, Sing and Drink.

Warmly welcomed by the Lane7 team, we decided to start by hitting the bar and enjoying a craft beer and mocktail, before getting into some serious play.


Glory or Gutter, you decided, but one thing for sure you are already a winner bowling in Lane7’s lanes.

Sleek, slick, sophisticated bowling alleys, that allow you are your squad to enjoy quality bowling and plenty of giggles galore.

The competitive juices raised to the surface, as we both prepared to bowl our way to the top spot.

Retro Arcades

The best bit about this place is the fun doesn’t stop at bowling, as you can buy tokens to slam in their super cool retro arcade machines.

Enjoy the likes of Pac man, Mario Brothers, Sega games, driving and much more.

Take a shot a basketball, aim for the hoop and shoot some balls in that basket!


Feel a song coming on, well hire out the illuminated neon private karaoke, grab the mic, so you can belt out those ballads.

Bowl, Play and Drink in style at Lane7 Birmingham.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


62 thoughts on “Lane7 Birmingham Bowling, Retro Arcades and Karaoke #Review

  1. A lot of the bowling alleys near us have started this, too, where it’s a lot more than just bowling. We went to a Cub Scouts event a couple weekends ago at a bowling alley and didn’t end up even bowling! The kids played in the arcade and ran through quite a few rounds of laser tag. This looks like it’s a more adult version of what we have, which is awesome!

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  2. I wish the bowling alleys near my area were as sleek and sophisticated as that one. Maybe then I would go more with my husband, his friends and my friends. Also, the illuminated neon private karaoke sounds like fun after a few drinks.

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  3. What a fun place for a date night or night out with friends! That retro-style arcade looks amazing, and love the black-light-revealed graffiti in the karaoke den!

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