The Bear & Bee Vegetarian and Vegan Sweet Company #Review

The Bear & Bee Vegetarian and Vegan Sweet Company Review : June 2020 #Gifted

The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak has proven to be a challenging time for many, so from time to time a super scrummy sweet treat is just what is needed.

The Bear and Bee Sweet Company are all about creating Happy Moments together.

Their quality sweets are free from gelatine, artificial colouring, and alcohol, so are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.  They also do a range of Gluten free options too.

The best part is that these super scrummy sweet treats can be delivered direct to your door, so you and your family can enjoy a sweet family movie night in on the sofa together.

These pretty perfect bags of sweetness also make for perfect to perk up family, friends and loved ones and with direct delivery this is a gorgeous gifting option to send some sweet smiles.

Enjoy indulging and gifting sweet smiles.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



84 thoughts on “The Bear & Bee Vegetarian and Vegan Sweet Company #Review

  1. Nice! You can get your sweet fix and still feel good knowing that you’re sticking to your vegan lifestyle. These all look really tasty!

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  2. I am a chocolate person. I don’t like any other candies. I will forward it to my sister though. She will totally love it.

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  3. Those look delicious and I’m intrigued how they got such amazing colours without using artificial colourings! Just shows that it can be done.

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  4. Mmm, now I am craving candy-jelly things. These all look incredible – and I admit I HAVE been having a few more sweets than usual these past several months…

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  5. I know I am not supposed to indulge in sweets but these ones are too delicious looking! I’d have 2-3 pieces and then I will share with my youngest son and my grandson. They will have a blast sitting together watching TV and enjoying these treats.

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  6. Awwww how cute do these look! The perfect treat, and how fab tat they can be delivered right to your door – I am off for a look now

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  7. These look so bright and delicious I could tuck in right now! I have to admit sweets and pic a mix are one of my weaknesses for sure lol! I love the idea of getting these delivered for a party or movie night too, what a great idea!

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  8. The Bear & Bee Sweet Company sure produce some wonderful products. Having no artificial ingredients, being vegan and with the option of gluten-free really shows they are listening to the differing needs of their customer base. This looks like a range and company that I would support.

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