Bills Restaurant York Dinner #Review

Bills Restaurant York Dinner Review: March 2018

The bright lights of York led me to brilliant Bill’s which offers a delicious and delightful dining experience with genuine and authentic service, home cooked food, and smiles are plentiful.

The place oozes charm with the rustic and shabby chic interiors such as candelabras and chandeliers, that are eclectically, but tastefully mixed to create a homely relaxed feel.  The marvellous mocktails along with sensational seasonal dishes makes for a perfect dinner with friends, family or loved ones.

Warmly welcomed by Chris, then energetic Emma our server made her introductions, along with the delightful Adam, a member of the management team, this trio made our visit to York Bills extra special.  They devoted time to their customers and delivered genuine service with a passionate and fun flare.

Mouth-watering mocktails included the wonderful Watermelon and Raspberry cooler made with Bill’s signature pink lemonade and the sensational Sussex Sunset mixed up with apple juice, orange juice with a sour cherry float.  Both refreshing and lip-smackingly tasty.

Nice nibbles and super starters began with fabulous flatbread, hummus and nicoise olives, gorgeous giant green gordal olives, the yummy roasted butternut squash and lentil salad and the delicious crumbled halloumi sticks with a lush garlic and lemon mayo.

Mighty moreish mains included Bill’s smoky barbeque ribs with tasty tangy apple slaw and fries.  Also, the rustic butternut squash stew with freekeh grain, kale, chargrilled onions and red peppers all topped off with toasted pistachios was proper comfort food.  Perhaps bang on a Bill’s beer or two.

Feeling pretty full, but not wanting to miss out on delicious dessert time, we opted to get our dip on and share some wicked warm mini cinnamon doughnuts served up with fresh strawberries and salted caramel and chocolate dipping sauces.  All washed down with a scrummy chocolate brownie milkshake.

Bring on blooming Bill’s brilliance bang in the heart of York city – Good food, great people and good times.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


61 thoughts on “Bills Restaurant York Dinner #Review

  1. I think great service really does make all the difference I love to be treated like I am valued as a customer and this place sounds and looks as if its somewhere I would certainly visit myself

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  2. I love how Bill’s looks. I was so excited to try it when one opened in Nottingham. I do save it for a treat though as I find it a bit expensive.

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  3. It all looks very tasty. I miss having a good chip! I’m coming home next year so I can’t wait to load up on the food. I don’t think I’ll get to York but if I do I’ll remember to check out Bills!

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  4. This restaurant has such a lovely rustic vibe to it, it’s absolutely beautiful. And the food is just as good looking as the setting, those mini cinnamon donuts are to die for! I need to get on looking for somewhere similar near me, or crossing the pond to take a visit here!


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  5. I’m loving the aesthetics of this Bill’s restaurant, from the pictures it looks like it has such charming personality. The food looks amazing as well! If I ever make it to the UK I hope to visit York, even if just to stop in for a nibble at Bill’s.😊

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  6. I have wanted to go to Bill’s ever since I stumbled their Salisbury restaurant, one evening, after already having dinner. I didn’t make it yet though. The food looks delicious and the mocktails even better.

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