The Real Mary Kings Close Edinburgh #Review

The Real Mary Kings Close Edinburgh Review: October 2018

Happy Halloween to you all my ghoulish ghostliest friends, its time for a Spooktacular step back in time, to explore Edinburgh’s only uniquely preserved 17th century street, and follow in the footsteps of past residents.

Prepare to go deep underground under the famous Royal Mile, to the Real Mary King’s Close, delve into the mysteries and myths, but be prepared to hear the authentic truths about Edinburgh’s murky dark past.  For a small fee, make sure to pick up your ghoulish souvenir photo at the end of the tour.

Costumed Characters aka your tour guides include previous residents of the Close, The Maid to the cant family 1535 Agnes chambers, head of Edinburgh’s Foul Clengers, who’s uniform bared the Cross of St Andrew motif, as he put is life at risk to clear the disease stench homes of those infected or the renowned physician and pioneer of Medical sciences in Edinburgh Joannes Paulitius aka The Plague Doctor, and the first to officially treat the sick.

On our tour we had the pleasure of the amazing Alex, who played literary genius The Poet 1771 Robert Fergusson, unsung hero 1645 Walter King.

Hearing accounts from the previous residents and what life was really like on the Close, was engaging and entertaining, your guide wanders through alleyways, passages, talking of conspiracy, the plague and murder, bringing the chilling Close to life.

Don’t be too spooked out though, as your guide will watch over your safety, but my only advice if you hear the warning cry ‘gardyloo’ run for cover otherwise you may end up covered with the slops of Edinburgh’s Close residents!

Happy Halloween and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


67 thoughts on “The Real Mary Kings Close Edinburgh #Review

  1. Oh this looks brilliant. I think my teen would absolutely love it! I am ashamed to say I haven’t been to Edinburgh yet, but I am definitely going here when we do! 🙂

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  2. Mary King’s Close is great. It’s one of the city’s tourist attractions that Iove visiting myself, despite living here, and that I recommend to anyone who visits. I took a friend visiting from Berlin there as recently as September, and I think I’ve been about 4 times in the past.

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  3. Such a wonderful experience! I don’t know so much about the Real Mary King’s Close,but the story sounds intriguing and the place looks cool!

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  4. wow this looks like a super fun time! We’ve been on ghost walks in our home town (derby) and those were great so I can bet this was just as scary!


  5. Edinburgh is a fantastic city for this kind of thing, and so fascinating. The history is so dark and actually rather spine chilling, to say the least. From my own experience, this is certainly something to do.

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