Belvoir Drinks #Review

Belvoir Drinks Review: March 2017

Raise a glass to the Vale of Belvoir, which is located deep in the English countryside and is the hearty home of Belvoir Fruit Farms.  Production began back in 1984, where co- founder Mary Manners introduced her exquisite Elderflower recipe.  The whole family handpicked elderflowers from Lord and Lady John Manners’ Garden. A lot of hard work and a few farm shops later, the brand rapidly expanded, winning numerous great taste awards and now produces more than 40 different products.  Belvoir have supported numerous charitable causes over the year such as the pink ribbon foundation which supports people affected by breast cancer, the soldier’s charity in the east midlands, GOSH great Ormond street hospital and many more.

Belvoir use all natural ingredients, with no additives, preservatives, colourings or sweeteners.  An exciting new soft drink launch, to add to their ever-growing range, is the refreshingly crisp Citrus Chardonnay Pressé.  A lovely light fresh drink, that I paired up with my lovely lemon drizzle cakes.  Wine without the hangover – yes pleasey! Non-alcoholic drinks are all the rage sparking off a massive ‘wine alternatives’ trend and Belvoir is more than happy to help. The Chardonnay, a mix of lovely peach juice with elderflower and jasmine extracts, tasted lovely.  Ideal for garden parties, just stick in an ice bucket, sit back, sip and get relaxing with family and friends. Serve with grilled fish, salad and chesses. The sumptuous Shiraz, more full bodied, was a mix of red grape juice with blackcurrant and elderberry juices, vanilla extracts with a hint of black peppercorn.  Went fabulously with red velvet truffles and 70% dark chocolate.

Teetotal, a mother to be or need a sensible school night drink, don’t bottle your cravings up, head down to Tesco and say cheers to Belvoir!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


34 thoughts on “Belvoir Drinks #Review

  1. Belvoir seems a wonderful company, I love companies that give back in they way they do. The Crisp Chardonnay Presse sounds like a wonderful drink, especially for those of us who do not drink alcohol. I like that it is all natural and it sounds lovely and refreshing.

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  2. What I love about Belvoir is that it uses all natural ingredients, with no additives, preservatives, colourings nor sweeteners. Definitely a good product. Thanks for the list, super agree about the Chardonnay.

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