NOW what would you do with…24 Hours in Toronto?

NOW What would you do with 24hours in Toronto: 3rd December 2016

Being asked “how I would spend 24 hours in my favourite city” was an easy question – Tick Tock…Toronto in 24 hours the countdown has begun…



Catch the ferry to Toronto Billy Bishop Airport and just the location in itself is a hidden gem, as the views looking back at the city skyscraper backdrop are incredible. Things got a bit cheesy posing for photos at the side of our own private helicopter, but what the heck this is definitely an activity worth smiling about. Strapped in position, head sets and microphones in place and no need to worry about congested city traffic, as the radio waves opened to the tune of “roger roger are we ready for take-off”. Adrenaline was pumping, as the pilot began his ascent…up up and away as we soared into the air for an aerial adventure of a lifetime. Core city landmarks such as the CN tower, Rogers stadium and Lake Ontario are visible in all their glory. In fact the whole city is, breath-taking views, sensational scenery and there was an uplifting calmness during flight. Surprising considering that we were at 2000 feet and flying at an average speed of 100 miles an hour!

Offering a range of city tours and private flights Toronto Helitours offers something for everyone’s requirements and budget.



Reaching for the sky was seemingly a Torontonian theme. Heading over to the CN Tower our guide offered us a “lift” to the top to try some daring challenges. Starting in the elevator itself and to give you a flavour of things to come, certain floor areas are made with clear glass. Let the daring feats commence! First stop was the lookout level at 346 m (1,136 ft.) Fully enclosed in glass, this is a great way for those with certain health issues or those who feel the fear factor to still gain a great vantage point and take advantage of those stunning Toronto city views. Already high in the sky, brave and boldly moving on at a thrilling 447m / 1,465 ft and an unbelievable 33 additional stories higher, the SkyPod awaited our arrival. Offering one of the highest observation viewing platforms anywhere in the world, with 360 degree views, we really did feel on top of the world. A momentary silence, a deep inhale of breath, as Toronto, Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls and New York State, were incredibly all visible on the day…remarkable!

At 342m (1,122 ft.) the outdoor sky terrace provides a perfect viewing platform on which to see the city. Additionally, established in 1994 the world’s first glass floor experience awaits. A large section of the floor is constructed of clear glass offering a Birdseye view, but do you dare to do more than stare through the looking glass?  Stand on the glass for a true fun fear factor moment.  Maybe this is your time to confront a fear of heights, but it is certainly not for the faint hearted. Embracing the challenge we posed for photos on the world famous Looking glass feature. It is novelty value for sure, but it creates a positive buzz and excitement within the CN Tower.  Bringing people together, regardless of nationality, as it really is a talking point!

Offering something for the faint hearted and the thrill seekers alike the CN Tower has it all!


“Don’t blink now yeah we are on a roll, got it locked down on cruise control. Nothing can stop us when we all come together” so bat the ball out the park and lets score a home run and head off to the Rogers Centre Tour Experience. Home of the Blue Jays, this incredible one hour tour gives you the behind the scenes access that most fans would envy. The team dug out area, seating and the baseball pitch itself were all accessible. Plenty of photo opportunities and time granted to take advantage of this. Much fun and giggles were had taking the obligatory led down pitch shot. Meanwhile our flexible and friendly guide gave us the full low down on the Blue Jays history, present day info and key facts. Tours and highlights vary, but our host rolled out the red carpet and gave us the VIP treatment. The Founders club and private suites were highlights, but we definitely gained the inside scoop when we were invited into the baseball Media Centre!

Loved the flexibility and fun approach blue Jays newbie or seasoned fan what is not to love about this tour!


Rocking all over the world” we headed on over to the Hard Rock Café Toronto to strum along to some live music and fill up on some delicious classics, but with a Canadian twist. You may have thought that we have had enough cheesy moments with all the touristy piccys, but why stop there Canadian Poutine was on the menu and we were ready for it. Chips, gravy and cheese curdles not the most appealing description, but take the plunge and you will soon be in agreement that this dish rocks! Throw in some meaty bbq glazed ribs for good measure and right there was two happy, satisfied diners. Chocolate brownie desert ordered, we wondered why the waiter looked surprised that we questioned whether we required one or two spoons. We were soon to find out that we had ordered the mother of all desserts. A mammoth mountain of chocolate brownie, with lashings of cream and a cheeky cherry to top it all off. All washed down with a fresh Pina colada and the party was rocking. Fuelled up, our private sedan car rolled up to provide us with a city drive by site seeing extravaganza. As day turned into night it was a convenient whirlwind way to see what the city had to offer.


Lords and Lady’s prepare yourself for an evening of royal entertainment, feasting and generally fun times! The Medieval Times Toronto offers a unique experience for their royal subjects. The royal castle is the perfect setting for the daring duels, skilful swordsmanship and amazing animal performances. We had managed our expectations, as we did not expect the dinner offering to be up to much, but we completely missed the mark and misjudged. The tomato soup and bread were delicious. The main was for me a winner winner chicken dinner consisting of half roasted chicken, with potato and a corn cob. Desert pastry small, compact but delicious. Authentic medieval dining experience with no cutlery and all served in realistic replica ancient wares really got us immersed in the medieval theme . We opted for the VIP package, which was excellent value for money, but they offer different packages for a range of tastes and pockets.

24 hours in Toronto is not enough time to explore, but enough to know you want more.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


25 thoughts on “NOW what would you do with…24 Hours in Toronto?

  1. Wow what an amazing day!!! You sure packed it full of fun and adventure. My stomach twirled when you were talking about the glass floors, I’ve seen that before (not there but elsewhere) and it is not for the faint of heart! The helicopter ride must have been so cool. What amazing views from both the ride and the tower. I went to the Medieval Manor in Boston many many years ago, boy what fun that was!! If ever I go to Toronto I now know what to do. Thanks for a terrific post, I really enjoyed your day…you always exude so much energy and enjoyment in whatever you’re doing! You must have slept like a baby that night after all that!! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Deb’s I am loving your upbeat energy and positive feedback!! I loved the glass floor and helicopters are deffo my thing. Tired after all the activities, but well worth it. Ooo never been Boston maybe it is one to add to the list! I am really glad you found the post informative, if you do pay a visit to Toronto give me a shout and I will happily give you some tips. Really glad you enjoyed. Thanks Deb’s xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this piece. I have to be in Toronto later this year for some business. I’ve never been there and I’m excited to stay a few extra days and see the city. Thanks for giving me some things to do. What’s your recommendation for shopping places? Both unique and Mall type places?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Mandi, my apologies…this comment has been sitting in my spam!! Happy new year lovely…and yes you will have a fab time in Toronto. My pleasure 🙂 In terms of shopping, I did the majority of mine in New York and Washington DC…Toronto consisted of mostly seeing the sights and dining out 🙂 Let me know if you need any other tips….if not have lots of FUN!! 🙂 x

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  3. Toronto is a beautiful place, it is pretty, nice and clean and the people are friendly. Now if they could just move it about a thousand miles further to the south. They could keep their cold.

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  4. Always wanted to visit Toronto one day, It seems to look brilliant in photos and I’m sure it’s 10x better once your there. The views from the top of CN tower look incredible and now I know about the medieval experience, i’m definitely giving it a go when i’m there, Great post

    Liked by 1 person

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