Healthy Nibbles #Review

Healthy Nibbles Review: April 2017

Founded by Sara Roberts in 2014, Healthy nibbles aimed to provide a healthy yet easy snacking option to city offices throughout the UK.   At the office, sat at your desk for another productive but hectic day?  Then as we all know too well those hunger pangs kick in, but the telephone keeps ringing, the paper work is going out of control, so a chance to pop to the shops is looking more and more unlikely.  Even if you grab that time away finding healthy snacks can be a task in itself.

Well this is where Healthy Nibbles can help make your day a little sweeter, as they are now the leading award-winning healthy vending and subscription snack service operating throughout the UK.   My mini Health boxes included 5 snacks, the yummy creative nature goji goodness flapjack bar, the tasty protein ball’s, Snact fruit jerky, steak snacks and the mighty mint choc bite.  All equally as healthy and delicious and supports the Healthy Nibbles brand ethos, which is to help create wellness and increase employee engagement in the workplace, through healthy snacking.

Now, your healthy snacking is just one click away.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


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