Hoogly Tea #Review

Hoogly Tea Review: May 2017

Tina Gloggengieser, from Aarhus in Denmark, now living in Brighton, is a keen tea enthusiast and creator of the sensational Hoogly tea range. Hoogly is the pronunciation of ‘hyggelig’. ‘Hygge’ is all about the Danish way of life and having a feeling of wellbeing and warmth the whole year round. Hence, a contributory factor, as to why they have been voted one of the happiest nations.

All the teas are ethically sourced, fair traded, made and packed in the UK using a range of luxury, healthy and natural ingredients. Innovative tea flavours that I tried included Black Teas; Raspberry, Liquorice & Lavender, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate Brownie, English Breakfast. Green Teas; Classic Green, Rhubarb and Vanilla, Jasmine Dawn (White Musk), Apple Strudel. Herbal Teas; Chill out Mint and Lemon and Ginger. Finally, the Rooibos Marzipan tea and the brilliant Baked Apple Chai mini teapod.

The Raspberry, Liquorice & Lavender along with a handful of ice made the most perfect iced tea. The Vanilla Chai was great with or without milk and made a refreshing mid-day sipper. The Baked Apple Chai tea was incredibly versatile and was a great start to the day with my home baked cereal bites. Also, the tea which already has flavours of cinnamon, ginger, apples and cloves, worked a treat to infuse the sauce in my apple pot crumble.

For me, there is always enough time in the day for tea, but with Hoogly’s impressive innovative range of tea combinations and flavours Tea time can be packed with variety and new taste sensations.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx




22 thoughts on “Hoogly Tea #Review

  1. I am such a tea lover, and I love the favour combinations and the name of this tea! I’ll totally purchase if I find them in stores!

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  2. The tea sound nice, but the name makes me think of the Hoogly River, which runs through Calcutta (Kolkata to be pc), which is not one of the most beautiful rivers in India . . .:-o)

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